13 Mar 2018

There are plenty of things a nursing home can do to add to both clinical competence and positive patient outcomes.  In 2018 among the most popular innovations – which this Blog is committed to – is using technology to enhance nurse competence and medical procedures without the patient having to leave for the hospital, especially […]

25 Jan 2018

Today the very face of large-scale residential care is changing.  More programs are responding to market needs in an innovative and highly person-centered way.  This has to be from skilled nursing centers to larger, multiple-bed assisted living programs. From our perspective, the number one item that must never be ignored from a clinical and marketability […]

21 Jan 2018

The skilled nursing center has faced its challenges of late, including the addition of penalties by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services associated with hospital readmissions deemed premature, survey standards and reimbursement for service fees.  In the midst of all of this, the business model remains viable. This applies for those seeking desperately needed […]

24 Oct 2017

Nursing home administrators can be those unsung heroes.  Often working and expected to thrive in the most challenging of circumstances, their managerial prowess and people skills contribute to the well-rounded care of the most vulnerable among us. Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. announced that not later than July 1, 2018, and first being […]

25 Mar 2017

  When we think of the amount of money that goes uncollected because all nursing home personnel must live in the ‘now’, the number can be staggering.  This applies in situations of Medicare and Medicaid rejected claims along with what happens dealing with private insurers or managed care organizations Living in the now sort of […]

07 Jan 2017

Professionals spend entire careers investing into knowledge building, and this is commendable.  After all during our careers, professional development adds to our value.  Nursing home administrators are no exception.  To be sure, the number of tasks an administrator in a skilled facility has to manage can easily begin to feel overwhelming. During 2017 the Professional […]

25 May 2016

Sometimes it appears there is really no end to the processes governing the management of the skilled nursing center.  From admissions to marketing to clinical competence to discharge planning – which is our major focus in this Blog.  We have long advocated for the nursing home to make meaningful usage of external case managers in […]

13 Apr 2016

With re-printing of some information from www.mcknights.com. A provision of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act that will penalize both the skilled nursing facility and hospital for re-hospitalizations will require SNFs to address some “critical problems,” according to a new report. The re-hospitalization provision, set to go into effect in 2018, would hold both hospitals […]

03 Apr 2016

There is no business that does not have to be liability focused.  All of us not only have to be concerned but we must govern our business models around this reality.  Nursing home are no different. What are major areas of liability for nursing homes? Falls Medication mishaps Visitor falls Food poisoning, and The development […]

21 Jan 2016

The front door is an important door in the skilled nursing center.  Without admissions there is no business and no contribution to the community of quality, rehabilitative and restorative care.  So this process is quite meaningful and must be executed with multiple skill sets and with multiple purposes in mind. Admissions personnel must be more […]